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Patricia Vanneste (1987) is a violinist, singer, and composer with a rich international touring history since age 17, collaborating with diverse acts such as Balthazar, Hydrogen Sea, Amatorski, Driftwood, and Sohnarr.


In 2018, as a co-founder, she bravely diverged from Balthazar, paving her unique musical journey. Her 2020 debut album, "Coral Dusk" under the name Sohnarr, was crafted during a solo expedition of several months through Sweden and Norway, symbolizing her liberation and self-discovery. Nature was essential for her to break free from her assumed identity and reveal what had remained invisible until then.

Beyond her career as a live musician, she formed her own studio string quartet (Cordette Quartet) and composed music for theater productions (Nieuwstedelijk), TV shows (HIGHT TIDES / Knokke Off), art installations and significant locations (crematorium UITZICHT).


From a young age, she has been intrigued by our consciousness, cognitive abilities, and life's profound questions. This curiosity led her to earn a degree in neuroscience. Patricia, who worked as a programmer at Festival Kortrijk (Wilde Westen), also holds a postgraduate degree in Entrepreneurship in the Sciences. Since 2013, she has been driving socio-cultural projects through Ernest vzw.

She now approaches music with the intention of helping people open the door to a different state of being, using her music as a foundation and recognition for emotions that words often fail to express.


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