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collective IJLLAND

Project type

Music and Storytelling


Collective IJLLAND, founded by musician-composer Patricia Vanneste and writer Lies Verswijvel, builds bridges between visible and invisible worlds through music and storytelling. It challenges us to look beyond reason with a curious gaze and to reopen ourselves to the mystery of life. Because life is much more than we can ever comprehend. Far more than we can ever rationally or spiritually explain.

There is so much beauty and wisdom in the 'not knowing' and in the chaos of existence, unfortunately, we didn’t learn to handle it this way. We learned to rationalize everything thoughtfully. But in maintaining that control, an important essence of life was lost.

IJLLAND invites you to dare to drift away from the mainland to become your own island. To dare to set sail on a different course. To dare to wander and thereby discover your own truths.

What if surrendering to the ethereal is precisely the way to experience a deeper connection with life?

Pictures by ©Eva Vlonk, ©Marilyn Desmet and ©Tom Herbots.

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