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Patricia Vanneste is a composer and violinist known for creating compelling musical stories. She approaches music with the intention of helping people open the door to a different state of being, using her music as a foundation and recognition for emotions that words often fail to express.

With a repertoire spanning original soundtracks for series, film and theatre as well as in-situ work, Patricia Vanneste is known for crafting emotive compositions that speak to the unspoken.

Each environment and on-screen narrative serves as a wellspring of creativity, influencing compositions that blend strings, vocals, piano, and electronic elements.

Often working from her studio in the Flemish Ardennes, Patricia Vanneste’s compositions encapsulate the spirit of spaces and screen stories whether working solo or collaborating with her dynamic string quartet, Cordette Quartet.

- Knokke Off (VRT & Netflix) - 2023
- Holy Rosita by Wannes Destoop - 2023 (additional recordings for composer David Martijn)
- Tripel Karmeliet - 2021

- In situ composition 'Vensterlanden' Stijn Streuvels - 2022
- In situ composition crematorium UITZICHT - 2021

- Hybris (Het Nieuwstedelijk) - 2019

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