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DRIFTWD, formerly known as Driftwood, represents a Belgian-American collaboration, spearheaded by the artistic duo of architect-musician Sam De Bock and musician-composer Patricia Vanneste.

Collaborating with internationally acclaimed talents such as Joey Waronker (Beck, Atoms For Peace, Thom Yorke, R.E.M.), Timothy Lefebvre (David Bowie, Elvis Costello, The Black Crowes, Sting), and Donny McCaslin (David Bowie, Dave Douglas, Sun Kil Moon), it's no surprise that this duo aspires to cultivate a distinct sonic landscape.

In February 2020, they unveiled their debut album, "Only Fighters Left Behind," which garnered widespread critical acclaim. The album served as a profound exploration of the repercussions of loss, fear, inadequacy, and inner turmoil.

Presently, DRIFTWD is in the final stages of crafting their second full-length album, slated for release in Sept/Oct 2024. For live performances in support of this album, the duo will be joined by drummers Joey Waronker and Steven Van Gelder (Geike, Hydrogen Sea), bass players Tim Lefebvre and Sander Verstraete (Warhaus, Tamino), sax player Donny McCaslin and guitarist Artan Buleshkaj (HAST, Anemic Cinema).

Pictures by ©Bert Bossaert and ©Anton Coene

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