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Musical art installation


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OFFSHŌRE emerges as a musical hide-out, drawing inspiration from the visceral experience of a cold sweat trickling down your spine on a sun-soaked beach—a feeling of inner detachment from the world around you. Crafted by Patricia Vanneste in collaboration with Sonhouse, this unique haven is designed to offer solace and understanding.

It is transportable and welcomes those overwhelmed by the dissonance between their inner world and the external milieu, particularly in bustling or austere environments. It's a refuge for anyone who feels out of place amidst the common pursuit of leisure, their inner reality contrasting sharply with the external norms.

Within this unique setting, music becomes a powerful means to give space to what you're feeling and connect with others who might share the same sentiment. Immerse yourself in this experience, where sound and environment come together to embrace, comfort, and inspire you.

Featuring the original soundtrack from the globally acclaimed TV series, Knokke Off.

Pictures by ©Titus Simoens

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