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Musical art installation


Prinsbeemden Hasselt

"Sjel – Norwegian word for soul or essence"

The Sohnarr Sjel is a self-sufficient musical art installation cube that makes you reconnect with yourself by reminding you that you are nature and nature is you. The Sjel travels around from one place to the other and serves as a shelter, a quiet haven but also a reference to the shell we leave behind and let go of what we know and who we are. Its mirrored walls seem to melt into its surroundings in nature and the last thing you see upon entering the Sjel is also what you leave behind that very same moment: your own reflection, what you represent or think you should represent in everyday life. By entering the Sjel, you enter a state of being in which you merge with the surrounding nature and where the invisible inside your deepest self becomes visible.

Nature has the magical capacity of welcoming you into a state of being that transcends your own individuality. Being alone in nature means you forget about who you should represent while at the same time feeling connected to a bigger whole. That is where and when once's true essence becomes clear, audible and visible to themselves and were creativity surfaces. Inside the Sjel visitors are able to listen to the music of the album Coral Dusk. Music which was composed and recorded by Patricia Vanneste (Sohnarr) when traveling by herself from hut tot hut for 2 months in a state of intense connection with nature of Sweden and Norway. The music, directly inspired by nature, has healing properties and serves as an extra guide for visitors to merge with their surroundings.

Together with architect Sam De Bock the Sjel was built as an invitation for every single being to reconnect with nature and themselves. The Sjel travels around and offers a new perspective and insight at every single location. It is a place where solitude meets unity, by connecting to nature through music inspired by nature itself. It is a place of safe introspection where the invisible becomes visible.

Pictures by ©Anton Coene

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