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Sohnarr is the solo project of musician-composer Patricia Vanneste. Referring to an entity which emits pulses of sound and then listens for the echoes as a way to communicate with its environment.

Her debut album, Coral Dusk, was released on May 15, 2020, under [PIAS] Recordings, written and recorded when traveling alone through the expansive autumn landscapes of Sweden and Norway. She sought out the most remote spots she could find, immersed herself in the imposing solitude of these breathtaking landscapes, and felt herself fading away.

Sohnarr appeared as a five-member live band on various stages, including Gent Jazz, Werchter, M-idzomer and Handelsbeurs.

'As crazy as Vanneste made her violin cry, she sang her last note a cappella at the end with such control and gave us a lump in our throats. The sincerity and authenticity that the violinist made resonate so softly from her violin were unprecedented. It wasn't about virtuosity or technique - because she has that - but about pure, unadulterated emotion.' Focus Knack **** - Schouwburg Kortrijk

Pictures by ©Jan Opdekamp,©Jan Van Hecke, ©Anton Coene and ©Carloverfaille.

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